Thinking of Moving Business

Factors You Need To Pay Attention To Before Relocating A Business

There is going to be a point where your business grows to a point where you will need to move. Moving is not a bad thing. Many people assume that moving a business is a hassle, but it could be the thing that separates you from your competition. In order to get the most out of your potential, you’ll need to relocate at one point or another. With that in mind, take into consideration the following options that are going to help you get to the right recourse in terms of business infrastructure and more.

The following are factors that you need to pay attention if you’re going to move today, or in the near future.

The Location

The first thing that you need to consider is simple, the location. Where do you want to pursue a business entity? Do you want to be near transit? Do you want to be in the open? Do you want to be near nature? What is the main purpose of your business, and where are your clients coming from? These are all questions that you are going to want to ask and consider as you move forward with finding the right elements overall.

Location is everything when it comes to working and moving to a new location. Regardless of the industry you’re in, you have to take into consideration where you want to move and why you want to move there. If you don’t think about that, you’ll end up with an unsustainable location, and your work force may not come with you. You have to take their consideration on the matter before moving forward as well.

Will Your Staff Move?

This is a serious question that you’re going to want to consider. Will your staff move? Seriously, will the workforce that you have move far away or will they want to stay close? You may think that you’re making the right move going far with your business, but the employees that you have may not be so quick to jump on board. If that’s the case, then you’re going to end up with a serious issue overall. Staff movement is important because it will either give you a sustainable progression or it’s going to cause a lot of burden on the employees and they could end up leaving.

Before you move, ask your staff about what they think, and where they may think of moving. You should have a few ideas in mind, but do not make the mistake of moving without consulting with them. Moving without consulting your best employees could very well cause a disruption in your business moving forward.

Assess The Costs

As you look into moving, make sure that you take into consideration all of the different moving parts. Think about the cost of the new location, overhead there, taxes, parking, lease options, the cost of hiring an office removals company and much more. Make sure that you have a full number of the overall costs before you commit to anything. If you do not do that, then you’re going to end up falling short of your goal.

Cost analysis should not be taken lightly. Many individuals find themselves dealing with a serious push in the wrong direction because they don’t take advantage of assessing ahead of time. You may find property that seems great, you may even think that there’s something good on the other side, but if you don’t assess the costs overall, you could end up getting into a sink hole of a situation. Your business could suffer if you use haste, so take your time to assess the overall cost.

For example, finding the cost of hiring a moving company. Where to start looking? Ask friends, family, even work collegues. If that doesn’t reveal any, then next try searching the internet. Just type in “busines removal company” or if you are targeting a local area, try “office removals hopkinsville” or “london office mover” The search results will bring up many moving companies. Just goe through them, pick a handful and contact them for a quote. It’s that simple.

Tour A Lot of Options

Before you decide on anything, make sure that you tour a lot of options. Think about the different cities, the infrastructure that is around them, and where you want to place your business. Aside from that, make sure that you take into consideration staying where you are. Sometimes another year in a building could very well be a good option to move forward with. Touring a lot of options, getting through estimates and assessing needs will help you gain the upper hand.

If you remember nothing else, remember this, take your time. Do not use haste when trying to figure out where to move, and what to do. If you take your time you can make sure to look at the factors above and try to figure out how to move forward in the right direction. There’s nothing to be gained if you use haste, that’s for sure. It’s something that is well worth considering overall.

Best Places To Eat in Hopkinsville KY Part 2

Places To Eat Hopkinsville KY

Places To Eat Hopkinsville KY Part 2

Welcome back! In Part 2 of the best places to eat in Hopkinsville, we’ll reveal more restaurants and diners where you can go and get some great food.  So here we go…

Chick-fil-A at Hopkinsville

4250 Fort Campbell Blvd, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-9113
Website: NONE

The following review comes from jwhit7406 of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. They start of by saying, “The Best!” Which is quite a bold statement! They continue, “This is by far my fave place to go for fast food.. Pleasant surroundings inside,but mostly I go to the drive-thru. Best lemonade ever, extra great on a hot muggy day. Waffle fries are terrific. Chicken sandwich is always hot and yummy. What can I say?…..I love it! Always neat and spotless. Mrs. Harris, the local CEO, can be seen helping out at the service window weekdays at lunch time. Employees are all quite courteous and spot-on with my orders.

Here’s where to find Chick-fil-A in Hopkinsville KY

The Place : A Local Eatery

104 E 6th St, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-3402
Website: Click Here

Karen from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, gives her view of The Place, “I love the decor! The service can be a little slow at times, but you never feel rushed. I love the creative daily specials. The Rueben is always good as is the baked potato casserole is a favorite, but I always have to ask to have it a little warmer. ” Karen continues by saying, “The seafood salad in the summertime is always refreshing and tastes very fresh. I like that they put fruit on every plate. And the décor can keep you occupied. A great local feel.”

You can find The Place : A Local Eatery here


Ferrell’s Snappy Service

1001 S Main St, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-2009
Website: Click Here

These words come from OldBul2 from Rome, NY, the say this about Ferrell’s, “Farrell’s appeals to everyone, just at different times of the day and different times in their life. I first went to Ferrel’s as a child when the family went to town shopping. It was the highlight of the day.” OldBul2 continues by reminiscing, “As a teenager it was the place everyone went to as the last place to stop before going home. As a working adult it was favorite place for a quick lunch. Now as a retiree it’s a great place for morning breakfast or coffee. So, depending on the time day and the time in your life, Ferrell’s is your place.

You can find Ferrell’s Sanppy Service here:


4223 Fort Campbell Blvd, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-9339
Website: Click here

This review comes from Rich of Lombard, Illinois. He gives a few words about his experience of eating at O’Charley’s. He starts of by saying, “Good chicken strips!” Rich then goes on to say, “Visited on our first night in Hopkinsville. Waited a bit for a table. The staff was a bit overwhelmed due to the computers going down. Nice menu selection. Really enjoyed the chicken strips and they make a great cole slaw. The bacon mashed potatoes could have been warmer but overall the food was good. Our server was good also.

You can find O’Charley’s of Hopkinsville, here:

Tangy Roots Frozen Yogurt

2711 Fort Campbell Blvd, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-4940
Website: Click Here

Fancy something a little sweet? James gives his thoughts about Tangy Roots, “Great Yogurt With Many Different Options for Toppings!” He goes on to say, “I have been to Tangy Roots several times and I enjoy the frozen yogurt every time. They have a variety of flavors including a couple of non-dairy options which are pretty good. Tangy Roots offers a variety of toppings from healthy options (Ex. granola) to sweet options (Ex. Candy). ” James continues by saying, “The service is always good and there are plenty of places to sit if you wish. You just have to be careful not to to go crazy with the toppings because you do pay based on your cup’s total weight. But all in all, it’s a nice place for some good frozen yogurt.

You can find Tangy Roots Frozen Yogurt here:


This article was based on TripAdvidor

Best Places To Eat in Hopkinsville KY Part 1

Steak Places To Eat Hopkinsville KY prt 1

We’ve had the top 5 things to do in Hopkinsville KY, now it time to find the best places to eat in this great town.

Horseshoe Steak House
2112 Fort Campbell Blvd, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-4663
Website: NONE

The follwoing review comes from Ruther from Virginia, “Great meal! Had a business dinner here earlier today…great meal. My business associate had a t bone steak and I had the patty melt and hash browns…fantastic! Jimmy was a first rate server and made the meal even better. Would definitely recommend!!!”

Da Vinci’s Little Italian
200 North Dr, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-1606

Ken from Kentucky, givevs his thoughts about his experience at Da Vinci’s, “Just a wonderful dining experience. My wife and I took another couple and we were so grateful we chose Da Vinci’s. Kelsey, our server, was very attentive without being intrusive. We had the works; appetizer of bread and oil, the main course plus tiramisu and cannoli for dessert.” KEn goes onto say, “I had the frutti di mar, which was delicious. My wife had a special order and they didn’t flinch when she made her request. It was obvious the were committed to please. It’s apparent that Chef puts his heart into his restaurant, and I am surprised and grateful he would choose Hopkinsville.”

Davo’s Burgers and Fries

3001 Canton Pike # 3099, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-1314
Website: NONE

In the following review, Cathy from Clarksville, gives her thoughts about Davo’s Burgers and Fries, “Everything was YUMMY! I wanted a GOOD burger! And I got one! Staff was super friendly, waitress was super sweet. We spilled a drink, we changed our mind from grilled to fried and they had no problem changing it, they notified us of shift change so we wouldn’t wonder where our waitress went. Food is cooked fresh so it’s guaranteed hot! Our kids split some fries and they were sweet enough to bring on two separate plates without us even asking! Cheese fries were yummy!Burger was just perfect. Juicy, hand formed, not frozen. It wasn’t huge or too small, it was just perfect, but I’d recommend a double patty if your really hungry. And coating on onion rings was perfect.” Cathy goes on to say,  “My friend had a salad that she also said was great. My only negative would be that they don’t make their dressings homemade which is usually a must for me when eating wings or salads but my friend didn’t seem to mind. The menu was FULL of yumminess! Fried bacon?!? And a burger that comes with fried egg, bacon, 2 chicken strips and an onion ring in it! Omg! I can’t wait to go back and try more! Highly recommend.”

El Bracero
200 Richard Mills Dr, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-8724
Website: NONE

Fancy eating Mexican? Here’s Doyle from Woodbridge, New Jersey, thoughts about El Bracero, “Surpised!! My wife and I were on a road trip to visit some very dear friends that we consider family. We drove over fourteen plus hours from New Jersey. We were dog tired, thirsty and hungry. Well the staff at the hotel we had booked asked what we were hungry for. As a joke I said Mexican food. The front desk person said well there is a very good Mexican restaurant within walking distance. Well, I was surprised to no end. The staff were very friendly and attentive. The portions were more than adequate and the flavor reminded me of being in Mexico. To top is off the prices were more than reasonable.”

Things To Do in Hopkinsville Part 1

Places To Visit Hopkinsville KY Part 01 : Hopkinsville Museum

Places To Visit Hopkinsville KY Part 01 : Hopkinsville Museum

Continuing on from the previous artciel about the Best Places to Visit in Hopkinsville, we decided to continue this as there are many more great places to see. The following are taken from Trip Advisor and based on the number of reviews. So, let’s continue…

Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center
9503 Eagle Way ByPass, Hopkinsville, KY 42240

MrsBee talks about her experience at the Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center, “My family and I go here every year. It’s cheap. There are lockers for your things. There are covered areas to sit. There is a great play station area for all kids. But, I especially like how great it can be for toddlers. The water is a gradual depth, so there’s a beach-like cemented area that is shallow for the little ones. There’s also multiple life guards. There is a canteen where you can buy basic things.” She finishes by saying, “Overall, my kids love it and we’ll keep going!

Christian Way Farm & Mini Golf
19590 Linville Rd, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-8478

Carolina from Clarksonville, has to say this about her visit to the Christian Way Farm & Mini Golf, “I happened to be invited to an event in Hopkinsville, prior to that we dropped by Christian Way Farms for a visit. I had heard about it for years from friends, but had never been. The old barn you walk into to pay also has some charming items for sale kids small toys, home decor, snacks. It was really charming both inside and out. They had it decorated really nicely.

Carolina goes on, “The kids (10,6) enjoyed the lawnmower train ride pulled by a Tractor, fun playgrounds with hay, slides, and tractor playground. They also enjoyed feeding the animals, the ride to the pumpkin patch, and area to ride tricycles.

She finishes by saying, “This was a nice farm. Very friendly family running it. It made for a fun day and sweet memories with my children. I would highly recommend it! They had food for sale on the Saturday we visited. They also have a Mini Golf Course, but we had to go on to Hopkinsville.

Hopkinsville Brewing Company
102 E 5th St, Hopkinsville, KY 42240

TMJrobin from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, gives his feedback about his experience at the Hopkinsville Brewing Company, “I have yet to have one of their beers I did not like. Their growlers and prowlers are a nice item so you can bring some home. The Food Truck rotation ensures that you can always purchase something different to eat. Free wi-fi and a good crowd most days makes it a good place to relax. The length of your stay will depend on how many pints you drink. Their taster flight is a good option for new folks.

Hopkinsville Art Gallery
108 E 6th St, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-3402

Angela provides her feedback about the Hopkinsville Art Gallery, “In addition to beautiful oil, watercolors, etc. there was beautiful local photography. I loved the wooden cutting boards that were too pretty to cut on. Lots of inexpensive, nice jewelry by Tanya Ezell, gorgeous pottery by Trisha Ferrell. Linda Pierce and Jeannie White were some of my favorite artists..postcards (hard to find these days). Photography of local historic buildings, the lakes and the state parks.” Angela goes on to say, “The Bozards wooden pieces were so cute and very affordable. There were glass lamps and etched glass. Just lots of variety. There’s a great place to eat next door, an old hardware store with EVERYTHING! and Griffins with upscale and unusual gifts and art. I could spend the whole day on that street.

Jeffers Bend Environmental Center
Metcalfe Lane & Hwy 41 North, Hopkinsville, KY

After their visit to Jeffers Bend Environmental Center, Josh from Hopkinsville, talks about his experience and gives his review,  “The best time to visit Jeffers Bend is in September during their Nature Fest where they offer multiple family activities such as canoe rides, archery & disc golf, hay rides, alpaca petting, mini horses, storytelling, recycling & poster contest, soil tunnel, children & butterfly gardens, bubble station, outdoor skills training, nature carnival, pumpkin painting, and more.” He goes on to say, “There are also food vendors and door prizes offered and admission is one fee per vehicle or bus so you can get the whole family in cheap! They also offer a “Take Kids Fishing Day” in the spring, usually around the end of May, for those who would enjoy it and it’s only a couple dollars per person. They offer prizes also for the smallest, largest, etc. fish.




Top 5 Things To Do in Hopkinsville

Best Places To Visit in Hopkinsville KY

Bored? Nothing to do? Well, we’ve got the top 10 things to do in Hopkinsville KY – at least one of which should stop that boredom and get you out…

The following is from Trip Advisor and is based upon the number of reviews (click here for full article)

  1. Casey Jones Distillery
    2815 Witty Ln, Hopkinsville, KY 42240″This is a must stop if you are in the Hopkinsville area. Very nice people give you a tour of the place. You learn how they make their “moonshine”. While we were there we were able to taste the product as it came out of the still. You can also go into the store and taste all their products. As noted on other reviews the land is beautiful. You can also get Casey Jones to sign your bottle if you buy one.”
  2. Griffin’s Studio
    100 E 6th St, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-3402

    “I was in Hopkinsville for a car show. Noticed this store was open and went in to browse around. It was a very nice store and friendly people. I found a couple of things to buy which we’re reasonably priced. I was glad I stopped in.”

  3. Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs Resort
    602 Christian Quarry Rd, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-3138

    “We had a great experience with the try scuba course. Mike was our guide and did and excellent job with the kids. Be ready to be exhausted if you try this. But it was well worth it. We had a very fun filled trip for 10 days and this is one of the first things the kids mention when they tell others. We didn’t go terribly deep and it was perfect for first timers. They have interesting things to look at under water. The owners/staff did an great job of answering questions and everyone was very accomdating. One of the young workers even ran to get us some water – was very hot as we were preparing. Mike was patient and helped out when one of us became little nervous. Was a wonderful experience.”

  4. Trail of Tears Commemorative Park and Heritage Center
    U.S. 41 South, Hopkinsville, KY 42240

    “My Mom and I took a road trip from St. Louis just to visit the Trail of Tears Commemorative Park and Heritage Center – we are so glad that we did! It was a very memorable and humbling experience for both of us. The afternoon we arrived in Hopkinsville the center was just about to close, but the volunteer Kristina stayed open just so we could walk around the center and visit the two grave sites and see the exhibits in the center. Kristina was a wealth of information and shared a great deal of history of the site with my mom and I.Details about the site that we would have never known had she not taken the time to tell us the history. We even came back the next morning for a second trip and were fortunate enough to meet Alice Murphree one of the founding members of the center. She too was very nice, both ladies spent over an hour with us sharing even more stories of the trails history, both obviously extremely vehement about the center and it’s rich history. My Mom and I felt extremely blessed to have encountered these knowledgeable and passionate ladies. We are of Cherokee decent and this trip was a trip we’d longed to take. Both Kristina and Alice, made it a very special visit, and we are grateful for their time.

    This site is definitely a hidden gem in the western part of Kentucky. The only thing that really bothered us was how the city of Hopkinsville provided little acknowledgement that they have a sacred location in their town that is the resting place of two Indian chief’s who died during one of the darkest moments in our American history. As far as I’m concerned the city of Hopkinsville has completely missed the mark.

    Since 1987 when Ronald Reagan made the Trail of Tears a National Historical Trail the city could have taken the opportunity to educate thousands of tourists about the rich history which lie nestled deep in the heart of their city. Alternatively, we were told the city of Hopkinsville has plans to put a Frisbee golf course on the Trail of Tears site. How utterly disrespectful to Chief White Path and Chief Fly Smith and every other Native American that passed at this location. I don’t understand why they would think that was okay. Does Hopkinsville have Frisbee golf at their other cemeteries? I don’t get it and I hope it doesn’t happen. Regardless, I would encourage anyone who is passing through Kentucky to take the time to stop off in Hopkinsville to see hidden treasure.”

  5. Museums of Hopkinsville
    217 E 9th St, Hopkinsville, KY 42240

    “The museum is in a former post office and there is no real signage. Just look for the big gray building with stone columns and park in the back. I went to this museum because of an episode of Mysteries at the Museum that featured an alien encounter in the area and it seemed like an interesting place to visit. The alien exhibit is not very large but still interesting. I had forgotten about an exhibit on Edgar Cayce the famous 20th century prophet. they have a large exhibit on him including parts of his home and office. There are also exhibits on the Night Riders and other local history. Well worth the $2/person to visit. They are open most days 10-4 or 11-3.”